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My old tech blog is hosted at Blogger.

I used to blog a lot about Microsoft Server products, and now I blog a little about tech stuff I learn so all can benefit.

Note: Most of my newer projects and learnings are hosted right here in Projects.

My Projects

These are some of the projects I've done in my spare time or ones that I've done for work where I can share some details. Thanks for checking them out!

January 2024
Docker, MQTT, Grafana, InfluxDB and Zigbee

Home Energy Monitoring

Upping my game on home automation, I jumped into creating a Zigbee network to track real-time energy usage in my home. Starting with a BC Hydro Hub and evolving into getting a Zigbee bridge and some Zigbee smart plugs and of course collecting that in Influx/Grafana to track how my home consumes electricity.

October 2023
Docker, Webscrapping

Blue-Green Algae alert system

For another swing at Docker, I created a small program, that I made a Docker image, that parses the local alerts and notices webpage and sends my phone an alert based on anything blue-green algae related ... you know for the safety of my dog.

July 2023
Docker, InfluxDB and Grafana

Upgrades to Davis Airlink weather system

Enjoying my Davis Airlink weather data, and wanting to learn Docker, I redid the project below with a more reliable hardware and database. Moving everything from Raspberry Pi/Prometheus to Docker/Influx on MacOS.

May 2022
Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, Grafana and Prometheus

Collect and Display Davis Airlink data in Grafana

Wanting to spend more time learning Grafana and Prometheus, I set it up on a Raspberry Pi and wrote my own prometheus client that calls a Davis Airlink locally to obtain weather data and graph it in Grafana.

July 2021
Web Design & Development

SeanDaniel.com Redesign

Finally a refresh of SeanDaniel.com! Many years ago I modified a Google Blogger theme to customize my site, and now with the exception of my technical blog, no more blogger.

March 2021
Web Design & Development

Renew Medical Aesthetics

A simple business card website for a medical aesthetics company. Provides information and a contact form to their customers.

January 2021
Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, Python & Data Display

Inky Strava

A Raspberry Pi project that displays stats and goal progress on an e-Ink display by calling the Strava API.

September 2020
Web Design & Development

Victoria Oceanside Health

A local family medicine website that provides resources for patients. It includes a mental health form that patients can fill out and email to their doctor.

June 2020
Artificial Intelligence & Gaming


A multi-player game where you program a snake in various languages to compete in a battle of artificial intelligence.

April 2020
NodeRED JavaScript Development

Covid-19 Contact Tracer

A simple contact tracer for work to keep employees safe during the pandemic.

Work Career Product Highlights

Product Owner & Development Manager


Working with a small team of developers I drove the development of FTS360 and FTS36O Overwatch to provide situational awareness while detecting and monitoring active wildfires in North America. While FTS360 is a secure environment, you can check out the public side at fts360overwatch.com.

Technical Product Manager


I lead a team that turned a virtual notorization idea from back-of-the-napkin into a prototype and then into an MVP before handing it back to the owner. It is now extremely successful and was a lot of fun! Check out Notarize.com

Scale Test Engineer

Microsoft Commerce Platform Scale-Testing

I drove a team to scale test the Microsoft Commerce Platform (payments for XBOX, Office365, Azure, etc) to ensure that the system would continue running under high loads such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas day

Project Management

Microsoft Commerce Platform China Launch

I worked cross-timezone on a project to deploy the Microsoft Commerce Platform along side new deployments of Office365 & Azure in China. Ensuring that the payment system is available in a second data center (previously commerce only ran in a single data center)

Program Management

Microsoft Small Business Server

I worked on a large team building a server solution for small businesses on top of Windows Server. While "SBS 2003" was the best release, they were all great and one of the many killer on-premise products that the cloud killed.

My Photography

My photos are captured with a Canon MKII SLR, an iPhone, or a GoPro. I keep my photos on Flickr and Instagram. If you want to follow along, feel free to follow me.

Travel Tips

I've lived a few places and get questions on what to do, below is the collection of places I feel comfortable sharing some fun or interesting things to do.

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